Client Testimonials

Hannah's House is proud of the services and support we provide to each family who walks through our doors. Please take a look at some of the feedback we have received from the families we work with.

About Hannah's House

"Hannah's House is a true blessing for those involved in high-conflict custody cases because it is 100% child focused. A worthy cause for donations intended for positive child development especially in parental alienation situations as they remain neutral!"

- Hannah's House Parent


The facility is designed for the kids to have fun and create memories with their non-custodial parent. Because of Hannah's House, my daughter can spend quality time with her father and I can rest assured knowing that she is safe. Every time I pick up my daughter from her visit, she has a smile on her face. At the end of the day, that's the most important thing.

- Danielle


There are wonderful classes to help with parenting as well as with dealing with high-conflict relationships. There are free support groups for parents and they have been most helpful. I am thankful to have found Hannah's House.

- Leyla

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"My son's father and I had a great experience with Hannah's House. My son's safety is the most important thing to me and Hannah's House provided that for us. He loved going there and every visit, they did what they could to make him feel comfortable. The parenting class I took with Susan was more like a therapy session and it was just what I needed to heal. My son's father and I are able to handle ourselves like adults now for the well-being of our son."

- Meagan

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"I can't express enough the stress that they saved me from. It was truly a pleasant experience."

- Rico


About the Children's Support Group

"I really like going to the children's support group because I get to see my friends and I like doing art!  I always like it when it is movie night!"

 Aaron (age 8)

 "I like going to Hannah's House because that is where we get to see Daddy when he comes to see us!  And I like watching movies with my friends and eating popcorn!"

- Isaac (age 6)

About the Mother's Support Group

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 "Sometimes it isn't about finding the right words to describe how I feel about going to the women's support group on Fridays.  It's more about the FEELING itself.  Through this group, I have found unconditional support in women whom are also experiencing similar obstacles and triumph as myself. Friday's support group is a safe place for me to disclose some deep rooted, emotional thoughts that I generally think twice before sharing with others outside of this group.  These beautiful, witty, savvy, inspirational women help me get through my week!"

- Hannah's House Mother

"Our women's group is led by an exceptional leader, Susan.  Sometimes it feels like she is the only person who actually sympathizes and empathizes with our struggles.  When she brought in the sessions of self care to our women's group, it really hit home that she listens to our needs of wanting to take care of ourselves.  Yet, not really knowing how to because of the daily constraints, stresses, and financial difficulties that we women face in our transitional co-parenting endeavors.  The monthly yoga, aroma therapy, and massages are sessions that I have never missed.  I find myself going through multiple emotions when we have our yoga sessions because as a single parent who has sole legal & physical custody of my two young sons, I never seem to find time for myself.  I have shed tears during my yoga sessions because I get emotional knowing that Susan and the yoga instructors have takenmy personal needs into consideration." 

- Hannah's House Mother

"Thank you Susan and her Hannah's House team for working tirelessly in advocating for women, children, and families such as mine because it is reassuring knowing someone is looking out for our well being."

- Hannah's House Mother

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"Kids enjoyed meeting with the Girl Scouts. My kids love having the popcorn with m&m's. The youngest said the best part was getting ice cream sundaes."

- Dionelle

"Yoga was nice. Music was really loud at first. It was relaxing. Fun pushing a little past your limits. Massage nice and gentle. Loved getting assistance pushing past limits and getting deeper into poses."

- Hannah's House Mother

"I truly look forward to group each week (when my schedule permits). These ladies are my friends, who are unfortunately going through the same situation (more or less). It's so nice to talk and be heard. Susan is a great mediator and always has great advice. I appreciate her so much, as well as the yoga/massage nights. I'm able to relax and unwind (it's a mental vacation for me). My daughter attended one of the movie/snack nights. Her only complaint was that she missed the last one! Lol ??"

- Melissa

"The Moms group is awesome , makes me realize I'm not totally alone in this. I wish I could get to know the group more though. Yoga night was great and my kids loved it to!"

- Karen