From the Family Resource Center

In January of 2017, Hannah's House officially opened the Family Resource Center. The Center's mission is to improve quality of life for families struggling with difficult transitions. The response to the new service has been gratifying. Here are some examples:

  • Several clients have told FRC Staff that they're currently unemployed or are having their unemployment checks run out "within the next month or two."  To these clients Staff have either pointed out the ever-rotating, always-updated FRC bulletin boards for upcoming job fair information & employment resource centers OR email them direct job leads, in their field of interest..  Each of these clients have been enthusiastically grateful for the personalized attention to their needs.
  • The majority of our clients, who fill out FRC questionnaires, are looking for therapy services (either individual or family therapy).  Our Staff always hear comments like "Wow!' "Awesome!" "Free?  Really!?!" when they learn about the FREE Support Group flyers from our Transitions Family Program at new-client orientation.
  • Staff have spoken with several (at least a half-dozen) clients who are currently sleeping in their cars or at a "friends house."  They seem highly motivated to find stable housing and seem very relieved to be able to talk with our FRC staff about where they are now and where they want to be.
  • Many of our clients have legal questions ranging from child support questions to restraining order questions to reducing their felonies to misdemeanors (under the new laws) and are very interested to hear about the Self-Help Legal Clinics throughout the County.
  • One time (in April 2017), Farmers Insurance was doing a car giveaway to "a veteran or active military person in SD County with a compelling story."  FRC staff notified one of our clients about this vehicle giveaway.  FABULOUS opportunity for that client!!
  • The Free Co-Parenting Workshops (held once a month at HH) are creating a GREAT deal of interest among the clients.  Since the workshops were put on the questionnaire starting in April 2017 several clients every month have requested the workshop schedule.

These are just some of the ways FRC is working everyday to help the parents and children in our multiple programs.