From the 2 Home Kids Program Director's Desk


Polices and procedures for the prevention of child abduction is an important function of supervised visitation.  The 2 Home Kids Program at Hannah's House has several Safety and Security measures in place that assist with preventing abduction, which include:

•                 100% Eye Shot and Ear Shot Supervision

•                 Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance and Recording

•                 Communication Procedures for Staff

•                 Guest Policy Carefully Enforced

•                 One-Family, One Supervisor

•                 Outside Privileges Procedure: Keys and ID

•                 Security Cards and Phone Lists for Staff

•                 Security Doors

•                 Strictly Enforced No-Contact Policy

•                 Observation of Vehicles and Pedestrians Who Appear to be Approaching or Watching the Visit During Outside Activities

Each one of these measures is designed to act as a deterrent. So far, they have worked. Hannah’s House 2 Home Kids Program has never had an abduction occur.                               

While we work to identify high risk cases, the truth is that there is truly no predicting what type of person will abduct because there is no type. So all of our Staff members are trained to be vigilant about adult behavior throughout each visit, as well as at the beginning and the end.

The majority of abductions in the US annually are family abductions. Moms and Dads abduct equally. What they all have in common is that they reach a point where they are convinced that abduction is the only way to resolve the pain and conflict in their co-parenting situation.

While we have never had an abduction with any active family here at Hannah’s House, we have had cases where the children are abducted immediately after a new court decision to remove the requirement for supervised visitation, or when an order changes from supervised visits to supervised exchanges. For this reason, we encourage families to ask about the variety of individualized support and transition services we offer to parents and children to ensure that changes in court orders go smoothly for everyone!