From the Parenting Coach's Desk

Parenting is a challenging task for any parent and particularly so when a parent has a newborn and no experience with parenting. It can seem like a huge challenge. Every parent can benefit from a parenting class no matter what their situation. The Transitions Family Program (TFP) at Hannah's House offers an Infant Care Parenting Class that is designed to assistparents to address all the special concerns of the new parent with a very young infant to care for, and help them develop the strategies and skills necessary to get on track with infant parenting.

The class is an individualized approach to infant parenting skills. 

‚     Learn the Health & Safety Basics of Infant Care

‚     Learn the Developmental Stages & Tasks for Your Baby

‚     Learn to use the Stress Management Tool Box for Parents

‚     Find the answer to the question:

                “Is It Normal for My Baby To ...”      

‚    Understand Healthy Boundaries and Learn Techniques to Establish Positive Parenting Routines for You & Your Baby

‚    Develop the skills to Coparent Your Infant

Infant care is especially critical when parents of an infant live separately. This class can help both parents navigate the challenges of shared parenting for your 2 home infant.