From the 2 Home Kids Program Director


Since Mom and Dad don’t talk to each other about the food, sleep and toileting behaviors of their child, the supervisor needs to pass that information each way.

At the beginning of the visit, we ask the parent who is dropping off if s/he has information to pass to the other parent about food, sleep, toileting, teething, toys, behavior, scratches, bumps, bruises, immunizations or anything else you can imagine an infant would want somebody to know about to feel safe, nurtured and loved!

At the end of the visit, we prepare a brief verbal statement about food, sleep, and toileting or anything else that was significant. Sometimes we need to make a written note as well. We make sure that everything we pass on to the parent picking up, whether communicated verbally or in writing, is noted on the Activity Report for that visit.

We do not assume that just because a young Child can verbalize that they will be an accurate reporter of what happened. Children from age 2 - 4 sometimes respond with inaccurate information and it is the responsibility of the grown-ups to keep pressure off the child.

Our professional supervisors work hard to keep the burden off the Child and share the basic co-parenting information necessary with both parents.