Checklist for Retaining a Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation In California

Checklist for Retaining a Professional Provider of Supervised Visitation In California
_____   (Q) What criteria do you follow in providing services?
              (A) California Rules of Judicial Administration 5.20

_____   (Q) What is your education & training?
(A) 24 hours of training in specific areas detailed in California Standard 5.20 (should be able to provide proof of training)

_____    (Q) What do clients have to do to get services started?
(A) Comprehensive, in-person, separate interviews with each adult party prior to scheduling any visits.

_____    (Q) What is your policy about orienting children?
(A) Face-to-face meeting appropriate to the developmental stage of the child.

_____    (Q) What documents do you require?
(A) Copies of protective orders, current court orders, any Judicial Council form related to supervised visitation, report of any written records of allegations of domestic violence or abuse, and account of child’s health needs/conditions

_____    (Q) How do you avoid taking sides with either party?
(A) My job is to remain neutral. I treat the parties in an equal manner in all of my contacts and expect both of them to follow the court order and comply with all policies and procedures. All contacts with each party are for the purpose of scheduling supervised visitation and are documented.

_____    (Q) What is your court report procedure?
              (A) A report may be requested by any legal party to the case, and I am legally required to comply.

_____    (Q) How do you handle scheduling?
              (A) I follow the court order and work with the parties and attorneys when requested.

_____    (Q) What are your bathroom procedures?
(A) It depends on the age of the children and the court order, but I ensure that I maintain 100% eyeshot and earshot of parent-child interaction during the process each time, if required.

_____    (Q) How do you handle clients/guests who speak a language in which you are not fluent?
(A) I require an interpreter (and here are my procedures) OR I only provide services to clients who speak the language(s) in which I am fluent.

_____    (Q) How do you handle cases of alleged sexual abuse?
(A) I comply with Section M of Standard 5.20 and I require both legal parties to the case to sign a document detailing the specific section of the standard.

_____    (Q) How do you handle the agreement for services with clients?
              (A) I have a written contract that clients are required to sign after they complete orientation.