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Parenting is a challenging task for any parent. It's especially true when a parent has a newborn and little or no experience with parenting.

When you add the stress and uncertainty of a custody/visitation dispute and family court involvement, the challenges for Mom, Dad, and the baby become overwhelming very quickly.

This class is designed to assist parents to address all the special concerns of the new parent with a very young infant to care for, and help them develop the strategies and skills necessary to get on track with infant parenting.

While this class can be a benefit to any new parent, our primary interest is in new parents who are integrating a new baby and a family breakup and/or custody/visitation issue.

What do infants need?

1 Both parents in their lives.

2 Opportunity to learn about themselves by exploring the world in collaboration with parents.

3 Parents who honor his or her contribution to the beauty of this new life.

4 Parents who embrace the responsibility to honor his or her choice to create that life.

5 A secure attachment to each parent, which is the single greatest protection a child can receive.

1 Health & Safety Basics of Infant Care

2 Developmental Stages & Tasks for Your Baby

3 Stress Management Tool Box for Parents - The Power of Parental Warmth

4 Answer to the question: “Is It Normal for My Baby To ...”

5 Understand Healthy Boundaries and Learn Techniques to Establish Positive Parenting Routines for You & Your Baby

6 Develop the Skills to Coparent Your Infant

Facilitated coparenting meetings are the final step in the infant class. Sometimes the other parent refuses or is reluctant to participate, and we will work to achieve at least one meeting just to get the daily care schedules coordinated between the two homes.

Our goal is to help the parents come together with a focus on the child, not each other.

If you or a friend is in a situation like this, reach out today to learn more about the class and the facilitated coparenting meetings.

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