From the Program Director's Desk

DID YOU KNOW: Professional providers of supervised visitation are required to have clear written procedures about how visits are scheduled and canceled as well as the times and days the services are available.

This requirement is in addition to the mandatory written contract for services.

If your court order specifies times and days different from what is available, the Provider is not obligated to change its operations accordingly.

Most Providers will help you work out a different arrangement; others may require that you go back to court and get the order changed.

At Hannah's House, we do everything we possibly can to assist parents in following the spirit and intent of the order even when the precise days/times may not be possible for the agency or for one of the parents.

Once visits are scheduled, parents need to honor that commitment because that is a contract with their child.

It may be inconvenient at times, but consistent contact with both parents is critical to health and well-being of children. Frequent cancellations by either party are damaging not only to the parent-child relationship but to the child's self esteem.